WiKi for OTG Disk Explorer

1. What is OTG Disk Explorer?

OTG Disk Explorer is an app that help the Nexus 7 2012, Nexus 7 2013 and Nexus 5 users to read flash disks via an OTG cable that connect to the device’s micro USB slot.

2. What devices do you support?

Nexus 7 2012, Nexus 7 2013 and Nexus 5 are officially support. Other devices with android version > 4.0 with the ability of OTG can also run this program, but are not support officially.

3. What type of flash do you support?

Flash drives that > 64MB and <128 GB with FAT32 disk format.

4. Do you support NTFS?

NTFS are not support currently.

5. How do I know if my device support OTG or not?

You may try the following steps:

1. insert a OTG cable into your device.

2. plug a usb mouse into the cable.

If you can see a mouse cursor and can move it with your mouse, the OTG function and cable should be OK.

6. How do I check the file system of my flash disk?

1. Plugin the flash drive into a windows computer.

2. Open windows explorer then right click the mouse, and select ‘property’

3. a property page will appear that indicate the file system type of your flash drive. It may be fat32, NTFS or exFAT. Only FAT32 is support currently.

7. May I copy multiple files to my device from flash drive?

Not currently, the function is work in progress.

8. May I copy file from my device to flash drive?

Not currently.

9. What’s the single file size limit of video/ audio I can play with?

According to our test, we are successfully played a mpeg 4 video that more large than 3.5GB..

10. What’s the difference of the pro version and lite version

The single file size in lite version is limited to 30MB which is enough for testing the audio and video read function. All other function are the same in 2 versions. It is strongly suggested that you try the lite version before you buy the pro one.

11. Is the pro version provide better compatibility/performance?

Negative, they are the same except for #10.

12. What android versions do your software support?

Android 4.0+ is support. But android 4.3 for Nexus 7 2013 is not suggested. Strongly suggest that all people who has nexus 7 2013 should upgrade to KitKat(android 4.4)

13; I can not read my flash drive, why?

Please check:

1. the OTG function and OTG cable of your device. (see #5)

2. your flash drive is formatted with FAT32 format. You may check this on windows explorer, the steps are shown is #6.

3. If the above are OK but the flash drive are still not read, please change another flash drive and try again.

14. Do I need to root my device to use this app?

No, root is not required.

15. Is all flash drive with FAT32 can be read?

We tried a lot of flash drive, but are not guaranteed all drives can be read.

16. How do I report a bug/requst to the app?

Please leave a message in this blog or drop mail to

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2 Responses to WiKi for OTG Disk Explorer

  1. richard says:

    Can open TDK 16 GB flash drive on nexus 10 kitkat 4.4 but cannot open 32 GB lexar or 16 GB sdcard (from camera)

  2. jacxwang says:

    Please check if your 32GB lexar is formatted using FAT32 file system. For the 16 GB SD Card, do you connect to your Nexus 10 via a card reader or via camera directly?

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